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The USBA2010 broadband RF power amplifier by US Microwave Laboratories offers exceptional performance at a very competitive price. Covering the frequency range from 20 MHz to 1 GHz, it provides 43 dB of flat gain, typical 6 W of output power, low noise figure, and it can continuously operate into a mismatched load at full power.
These amplifiers are ideal for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing and certification. The USBA2010 can excite with no damage EMC near-field probes for conducted immunity troubleshooting in a design laboratory without resorting to high power equipment and antennas.
The amplifier design minimizes harmonic distortion and provides excellent linearity for the faithful reproduction of amplitude, phase or pulse modulated signals.
Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., the USBA2010 conforms to the European RoHS requirements and is ECCN EAR99.


Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing
Antenna field measurements
Communication systems
Laboratory use

43 dB of flat gain from 20 MHz to 1 GHz, 6 W typical saturated power

Can sustain infinite load VSWR at full power
Input power of up to 0.5 W
Non destructive inverse-polarity protection
Can sustain overvoltage of up to 28 V

Intermodulation and harmonic distortion minimized by design
USBA2010 RF Power Amplifier - 20 MHz to 1 GHz - 6 W
All our products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
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USBA2010 RF Power Amplifier Brochure
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